PDF Creation and OCR With EavPDF

In document management one often encounters the requirement to create PDF/A for long-term archiving. Because the available solutions found on the market show too many limitations or are too complicated in upkeep, we have developed a streamlined and powerful tool.

With EavPDF we offer a product which can create PDF/A-1b documents from Office, image and PDF files and can also carry out an OCR, if required. Because of its modular build, EavPDF can also be quickly supplemented with additional source data formats. Its streamlined build allows the start of several instances per server in order to take optimal advantage of the available resources (CPU, storage). Our Java-based Render Server makes use of this possibility during the installation of the eDoc Suite and of m/archive.

For the creation and read out of PDFs we use the Adobe PDF Library from Datalogics® which is also used by Adobe Acrobat. This guarantees standard-conform PDF files. For OCR we use a library from Nuance OmniPage®, which delivers high-quality results. The conversion of Office documents is executed by integrating the native Office package, which guarantees a faithful reproduction in PDF.

In conjunction with our Java-based Render Server we can also offer customized solutions for centralized render farms.

EavPDF is used in our product m/archive and also in the eDoc Suite of our customer Lufthansa Technik as the central format conversion tool and executes thousands of conversions daily.

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