Customs Tariff Numbers (CTN)

The correct tariffing of material master data is primarily responsible for an efficient and delay-free customs clearance in export logistics.

In order to allow correct tariffing it is necessary to process the comprehensive base data of the customs directorates in such a way that they can be easily searched and represented. The basic version of our software package CTN offers a powerful full text search function which, in combination with a limitation of the number ranges, presents the desired information quickly in a clearly structured format.

Material Master Data Processing

The additional module 'Master Data Processing' simplifies the tariffing of materials.

The master data is imported to CTN via a flexible interface, tariffing is processed and the data is then exported in a desired format. Tariffing already carried out outside of the system can be adopted.

CTN adapts to the structure of the material master and requires no adaptation to an existing master data management system.

The names of product groups which correspond to customs tariff numbers can be defined in the system which simplifies the allocation of new master data entries. On the basis of numerous criteria the system suggests appropriate tariff numbers during data recording.

Updated Database

The database of the customs directorate is automatically updated if a corresponding subscription is present. For this we use the update packages made available by the customs authorities which considerably reduce update time and furthermore guarantee that changes made by the authorities quickly become effective for processing.

Efficient Software Surface

CTN is a completely web-based application. No installation on a user's computer is required.

An integrated user administartion with a role model allows multi-user operation.

For CTN searching during master data processing, searching in the customs data is fully integrated in the user interface.

Complete groups of materials can be tariffed in one step.

In order to efficiently process large quantities of master data, the forms cannot only be filled in using a mouse, but also using short-cut keys.

Tariffing of material master data not only requires a comfortable and powerful software, but also a lot of special know-how. Our service partner eDOC Aviation Service offers various services associated with the topics Customs & Export and also relies on our software package CTN.

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