Structured Documentation – Creating and Handling Processes


The creation of documentation according to the S1000D standard has not only found its way into the aviation industry. Because of our dual role as software specialists for consumers and editors, we possess comprehensive technical, formal and professional know-how in this field.

Document supplies according to S1000D standards are validated and published in accordance with individual requirements. We are competent partners for revision management and integration of self-created contents. Independent of the project size we enable S1000D editors to create high-quality documentations with the use of our efficient software solutions.

ATA iSpec 2200 (SGML)

For validation and creation of readable documents from documentation sources according to the iSpec standard we possess comprehensive know-how in the field of SGML processing.

For the last 10 years we have been processing SGML-based documentations and know the strengths and weaknesses of this standard. From the validation of SGML sources, the conversion to XML and the comparison of revisions, to the conversion of image formats and the representation of 3D-graphics, we offer profound knowledge and adapted tools.

Format Conversions

Apart from the conversion of SGML to XML, there are also numerous other file formats to be converted during the processing of structured documentations.

For the conversion of formats we rely on tools from reknowned manufacturers and, depending on the available source and the desired target formats, we can offer an optimal solution. Our experience includes the handling and conversion of data in the formats SGML, XML, CGM, TIF, PNG, GIF to PDF, TIF, PNG and further formats.

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