Digital Signatures for Paperless Documentation Processes

Designing completely paperless business processes without media disruption is accomplished by introducing electronic signatures. Legally watertight digital signatures enhance the efficiency in the processing procedure and create the technical requirements for the digital archiving of the documents.

Individual Signing of Official Documentations

In the environment of MRO business (maintenance, repair and overhaul) documents are created which must be presented to the authorities for inspection and proof. With their signatures the editors and responsible engineers confirm that the contents were either created or checked by themselves.

The eDoc Suite contains a module which allows the editing and signing of these documents. For signing we use the signature solution from Intarsys.

If a user wants to sign a document (PDF), he then legitimizes himself using a chip card and the PDF is marked with a digital signature.

Central Signing of Documents to be Archived

In m/archive all documents (PDF) are signed using a central signature infrastructure from Intarsys before archiving. The application m/archive legitimizes itself towards the signature server and has the PDF signed before storage.

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