Digital Jobcards

Because of the higher time pressure and the enhanced requirements for proof of the work performed for the customer, Lufthansa Technik has decided to expand its proven jobcard system in the engine maintenance section. For this, eDOC Aviation has developed a system with XML-based jobcards which totally works without paper.

The until then used physical folders and the complex and error-prone printing out, manually filling in, scanning and storing in the paper achive has been completely substituted by consistent electronic processing.

Editing System

For the creation of jobcards the editors use the web-based XML editor 'Xopus' from the company SDL which we have expanded with assistance systems. The jobcards can be supplemented with input fields and embedded table calculations and specified with the required qualifications for the work steps.

Today more than 120 different jobcards are grouped to an event using a template structure which encompasses the total residence time of an engine in the workshop.

Working Procedure

The mechanics carry out the work according to the instructions on the jobcards on the computer screen. Measured values, observations and other input are recorded directly on the jobcard on the computer and the finished work is confirmed with their chip card (stamping). In order to facilitate the transition from PDF/paper to XML-based jobcards as smooth as possible, most of these interactive functions are also available for PDF jobcards.


After finishing all work, recorded measured values are available as a report, the jobcards including all inputs are rendered to PDF/A and are archived in m/archive.

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